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Here is a gathering of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). And, remember, you can always contact us directly.

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  • Understanding the business process along with basic knowledge of data/object models and relationships is useful. Because Turbo is a no-code platform admins are quickly trained and empowered to begin building apps. For example, common Field Service scenarios from a wide range of industries can be easily built using the drag & drop capabilities and deployed in Turbo without any code.

    In situations where some programming may be necessary to control application behavior, Turbo provides open architecture based hooks where you can attach your custom logic to Turbo functionality in many areas. Please contact us at support@turbosystems.com to learn more about Turbo’s integration capabilities.

  • Many companies have heavily invested in these systems with many custom objects/tables and custom business logic.

    Turbo uses the data from platforms like Salesforce.com, SAP and other IT Systems to deliver a highly flexible, rich and dynamic Field Service Experience. Turbo complements your existing data systems enabling you to extract more value without having to replace them.

    With Turbo, you can build sophisticated applications with your data/object models on your existing IT Systems. Your investments are not only preserved but maximized with the deployment of Turbo.

  • Yes. You can deploy Turbo Field Service applications to partner users as long as they have the required access to the relevant data from your data sources. To further enhance your brand, you can customize the look & feel of your applications exclusively for partners.

    We have immediate plans to help Field Service organizations build branded apps for your customers with drag n drop ease. You can enable your customers to create service requests, access asset history, track technicians on their way, answer surveys, order parts and more. Please contact us at support@turbosystems.com if you wish to participate in Turbo’s Early Adopter Program and take advantage of special pricing too.

  • All apps listed in Turbo Library are totally free of cost. You can download a copy of any app into your instance of Turbo and customize it as required. Note that the downloaded apps may use objects in the native data store (Salesforce for example) that may require licenses to access.

    Although Turbo is not limited to any industry or department, the library lists several solutions for the Field Service industry covering a wide range of use cases. We will continuously enrich the library with apps based on our constant learning from customers and partners.

  • There are 3 major and 3 minor releases each year with patch releases in between.

    Major releases are primarily intended for new features and enhancements. Minor releases are meant for enhancements only. Turbo will include defect fixes for all releases.

    From time to time, there may also be one-off releases to support special product launches, partnerships and events. Turbo customers will have detailed and continuous visibility to our product plans in order to take full advantage of roadmap features.

  • Yes. Salesforce is a globally trusted platform for its scalability, security, and reliability. Turbo can work with, extend, and enhance any field service, dispatching, and scheduling solution in the Salesforce ecosystem.

    You can rapidly build sophisticated Field Service Experiences on Turbo using standard or custom Salesforce objects. Turbo can also be used as the Field Service experience on virtually any AppExchange solution on Salesforce. Since Turbo uses native authentication (OAuth), Turbo apps will work seamlessly as long as your users are licensed to access the underlying data.

    Besides major IT Systems like Salesforce, Turbo connects to more than 140 data sources such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Access so you can create your Field Service Experiences on your systems. Turbo’s no-code platform gives you the flexibility to maximize your current investment and greatly expand your field service solution.

    Turbo’s Data Cloud is actively in development with the initial release planned in Fall 2019. Please contact us at support@turbosystems.com if you wish to participate in Turbo’s Early Adopter Program and take advantage of special pricing too.

  • Currently, Turbo does not have any presence or dependency on AppExchange. You do not have to install any managed or unmanaged packages from AppExchange to enable Turbo for your Salesforce org.

    Turbo uses OAuth to authenticate Studio and mobile users to native cloud systems like Salesforce. The authorization tokens issued by the native systems are used to perform the relevant operations. Refer to Salesforce guide to learn more about how OAuth works and tokens are managed.

  • Turbo is a multi-tenant platform hosted on Amazon EC2. All the information on Turbo Cloud is stored with AES-256 encryption. Visit our Trust page here to learn more.

    To deliver the best sync performance to mobile apps and to optimize the consumption of network resources, objects designated as Master data are cached on Turbo cloud. Caching on Turbo cloud allows batch processing (pre-fetch) of master data for all users, and use the sync process for user-specific transactional data only. This scope is configurable and controlled by your administrators.

    Turbo’s mobile offline application stores data in SQLite with Encryption Edition (SEE) database to store data which uses AES-256 encryption. There is no limit imposed by Turbo on the database size. The size of the database is only limited by storage limits imposed by the mobile device.

    We also securely store anonymous Studio and mobile app usage data. Usage data includes user navigation patterns, data volumes, time spent on various features, action flows, actions, and more. Much of this information is available for interactive analysis to Turbo administrators to facilitate productivity improvements and other actions as required. A thorough understanding of the usage patterns also enables us to deliver product innovations more effectively.

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