Can we use Turbo to run our Field Service on Salesforce?

Yes. Salesforce is a globally trusted platform for its scalability, security, and reliability. Turbo can work with, extend, and enhance any field service, dispatching, and scheduling solution in the Salesforce ecosystem.

You can rapidly build sophisticated Field Service Experiences on Turbo using standard or custom Salesforce objects. Turbo can also be used as the Field Service experience on virtually any AppExchange solution on Salesforce. Since Turbo uses native authentication (OAuth), Turbo apps will work seamlessly as long as your users are licensed to access the underlying data.

Besides major IT Systems like Salesforce, Turbo connects to more than 140 data sources such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Access so you can create your Field Service Experiences on your systems. Turbo’s no-code platform gives you the flexibility to maximize your current investment and greatly expand your field service solution.

Turbo’s Data Cloud is actively in development with the initial release planned in Fall 2019. Please contact us at if you wish to participate in Turbo’s Early Adopter Program and take advantage of special pricing too.

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