Is information tracked, hosted & managed by Turbo secure?

Turbo is a multi-tenant platform hosted on Amazon EC2. All the information on Turbo Cloud is stored with AES-256 encryption. Visit our Trust page here to learn more.

To deliver the best sync performance to mobile apps and to optimize the consumption of network resources, objects designated as Master data are cached on Turbo cloud. Caching on Turbo cloud allows batch processing (pre-fetch) of master data for all users, and use the sync process for user-specific transactional data only. This scope is configurable and controlled by your administrators.

Turbo’s mobile offline application stores data in SQLite with Encryption Edition (SEE) database to store data which uses AES-256 encryption. There is no limit imposed by Turbo on the database size. The size of the database is only limited by storage limits imposed by the mobile device.

We also securely store anonymous Studio and mobile app usage data. Usage data includes user navigation patterns, data volumes, time spent on various features, action flows, actions, and more. Much of this information is available for interactive analysis to Turbo administrators to facilitate productivity improvements and other actions as required. A thorough understanding of the usage patterns also enables us to deliver product innovations more effectively.

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