Available Inventory

Track multiple warehouses, field stock and other parts locations. Make physical inventory counts simple to manage and provide insight into optimizing field stocking levels.


  • Forms and Flows

    Complex and dynamic forms, nested workflows, guided execution and unlimited variations for any business process.

    • Create, clone and manage rich flows using any data such as Work Orders, Contracts, RMAs, Installed Products and more.

    • Reusable question bank with dynamic branching and validation rules.

    • Support for over 17 data types including image, video and audio.

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  • Maps

    Map any data. Layer information from multiple data sources on interactive maps.

    • Unlimited number of maps based on any data source.

    • Overlay additional relevant data based on proximity.

    • Preview records, embedded workflows, and workflow actions.

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  • Inventory

    Receive, consume, transfer or adjust stock on central or field stock locations.

    • Scalable Inventory management on any data source in minutes.

    • Multi-dimensional stock search on a map.

    • Rich interactive analysis of stock history.

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