Turbo Systems (hereinafter referred as “Turbo”) is used by businesses like you to design rich applications by connecting to Systems of Record such as Salesforce.com (hereinafter referred as “Data Store”). Your business data is stored only in your Data Store after authenticated by your users. Turbo uses OAuth for authentication and authorization, and uses a secure HTTPS connection to perform data operations using the Data Store’s secure API. The business data is not stored in Turbo’s servers. Turbo does not store the Data Store passwords of users. The validity of the authentication tokens can be fully controlled and managed on the Data Store as enabled by the Data Stores themselves.

To deliver superior experience and performance to end users, Turbo caches some metadata from the Data Store on a secure encrypted Amazon RDS database. Metadata includes definition of object data model, page layouts and user profiles. Turbo’s read-only copy of this metadata is refreshed periodically from the Data Store. This metadata cache can be accessed only by Turbo’s backend services that are invoked when Turbo administrators authenticate and authorize to the Data Store.

Turbo’s mobile apps temporarily store business data on the device to ensure users are able to continue to operate with or without internet connectivity. Business data is information that is used to run your operations and processes such as products, accounts, orders or assets. This data is stored privately in an encrypted database on the mobile device and is accessible exclusively by Turbo’s mobile app only. Turbo app administrators in your business fully control the scope of this data deployed for each user. Your end users can access this data only via Turbo Mobile app’s user interface. They will need to be authenticated and authorized to the Data Store in order to use the mobile app as configured and controlled by your Turbo administrators.

Useful References:

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Security and privacy statements of Amazon Web Services (AWS): https://aws.amazon.com/privacy/

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