Turbo Systems Plug and Play Platform Now Available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace

September 26, 2019

No Code Application Platform Enables Rapid Development and Deployment of Mobile Solutions Designed for Field Service

PLEASANTON, Calif., Sept. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Turbo Systems today announced that its cloud-based “Plug and Play” platform for the rapid creation and deployment of Field Service mobile applications is now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. Turbo, on AWS, enables field service organizations to connect to over 140 business and IT data sources to instantly create tailor-made Field Service experiences for their business in days, not months, at scale.

“Field service organizations must seek to elevate the customer experience delivered by their mobile field workforce,” said Hari Subramanian, Turbo Systems Founder and CEO. “The best way to achieve this necessary goal is by aligning a company’s unique business processes with a mobile application built using an agile, flexible and cost-effective multi-experience business application platform like Turbo.”

Turbo’s “drag and drop building block” functionality was created to allow both the business process owners and IT to work side by side to rapidly create Field Service apps in a safe and IT compliant environment. With its feature-rich capabilities, such as forms, checklist, surveys, signature capture, inventory tracking, and maps, Turbo’s fast, flexible and affordable platform gives small, medium and enterprise organizations the opportunity to scale and align their field service teams directly to their business goals.

“We selected Turbo Systems because of their understanding, vision, and passion for the future of Field Service,” said Rodger Smelcer, Founder and Vice President of United Service Technologies. “With Turbo’s intuitive platform, we can now deliver sophisticated apps that allow UST to innovate and embrace new technology enabling us to fulfill the promise of service excellence and customer focus on a continuous basis.”

About Turbo Systems
Turbo Systems is the first Plug and Play platform for Field Service allowing innovative organizations to connect to over 140 business and IT data sources, such as Salesforce.com, Oracle, QuickBooks, and SAP, to instantly create tailor-made multi-experience business applications. Turbo enables users to rapidly deploy custom applications and automate the core functions that power their business. Turbo is built to seamlessly integrate and extend the capabilities of their systems of record while dynamically evolving in real-time with their businesses’ operations, needs, and technologies. To learn more, visit www.turbosystems.com.

Media Contact:

Ian Brown
Director of Marketing
Turbo Systems

Hari Subramanian
About the Author
Hari Subramanian | Founder & CEO of Turbo Systems

Hari Subramanian is the founder & CEO of Turbo Systems. Prior to Turbo Systems, Hari was the co-founder and CTO of ServiceMax, the field service management company acquired by GE Digital in 2017 for $1 billion. Hari has built a 30-year long career in Enterprise B2B applications covering ERP, CRM, Workflow Management and Document Imaging for a wide range of industries & customers around the world. He is a passionate technologist, informed & opinionated, intense & relentless, and happy to have had a very successful entrepreneurial journey.

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